Reif Estate

Reif Estate Winery

We have a great connection with this Niagara Winery. Out of all of the wineries in Niagara, Reif Estate was featured in one of our first videos back in 2015 where a business traveller reconnects with his inner child thanks to a little boy and his robot. Watch it here.

Here is their story:

The Reif family tradition of winemaking began nearly half a millennium ago in the small winemaking town of Neustadt, located in the heart of the world renowned Rhine River Valley in Germany. In 1977, this tradition transcended to a new continent, when founder Ewald Reif purchased a plot of land on the fertile banks of the Niagara River.

After carefully nurturing the land for six years, the potential of these young vineyards became evident when the doors of Reif Estate Winery officially opened in 1983.

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