Events in Niagara Falls

With our Niagara Falls hotel deal you’ll find that more than just your accommodations are taken care of.  Ask any of our knowledgeable staff about upcoming tourist attractions & for an up-to-date Niagara Falls event list. With a little something for everyone, this Niagara Falls special is sure to deliver the night of your dreams.

Take advantage of our onsite hotel amenities such as our pool, whirlpool and sauna to help you unwind, and embark on a girl’s night sure to leave a trail of envy wherever it may take you. Many of our Niagara Falls packages include your accommodations, dinner, drinks and entertainment.  To make your evening everything you imagined and more, we have teamed up with venues such as The Keg, T.G.I. Fridays, various shopping venues, casinos and more. Enjoy our WEGO shuttle passes, which will take you to your favourite Niagara Falls events, casinos and attractions. Toast your evening with our complimentary girl’s night out Niagara cocktails, available at the Keg.  Our Niagara Falls hotel makes dinner plans simple. Take advantage of our onsite restaurant and local favourite, The Keg Steakhouse + Bar, or enjoy dinner a short distance away at TGI Fridays,  a fun and exciting dining experience for everyone. With our Niagara Falls hotel deals your girls’ night out is sure to be a success. Our Niagara Falls hotel deal is unbeatable. With shops and boutiques just a short drive from the hotel, get ready to shop until you drop with the shopping gift cards included as part of our Niagara Falls package. Book today to take full advantage of this superior Niagara Falls Hotel Deal and give your girl’s the night out that they deserve!

Book your Niagara Falls Hotel Deal today! Contact our customer service desk today at 905-358-3083. For further inquiries we are also available by email at [email protected] We are located in person at 5950 Victoria Ave Niagara Falls ON, L2G 3L7.

PLEASE NOTE: Face coverings are required. Due to COVID-19, some hotel facilities or services may not be available during your stay.