Diamond Estates

Diamond Estates Winery

Diamond Estates Winery is another one of our favourite Niagara Wineries and partners. As we’re sure you’ve noticed, their cellar tasting experience is included in our special offer packages, which includes a tour and tasting experience.

Here’s their story:

Visitors to Diamond Estates are encouraged to tour & taste their way through their state-of the-art winemaking facility, home to some of the most popular VQA wines in the province.

Under the watchful eyes of award-winning winemakers Scott McGregor and Tom Green, this one-of-a-kind winery produces a wide range of wines crafted to suit and palate including EastDell, 20 Bees, FRESH and Lakeview Cellars wines.  And to top it off, our Cellar Floor Experience is unlike any other.

PLEASE NOTE: Face coverings are required. Due to COVID-19, some hotel facilities or services may not be available during your stay.