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Things to do in Niagara Falls this Summer

Things to do in Niagara Falls this Summer

And the countdown to Summer begins...(okay we're just a tad bit excited). Over the past 20 years, Niagara Falls has certainly grown into a destination visited by millions each year (12 million to be precise). From visitors both near and far, with Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom being the top countries to visit (although this seems to be constantly evolving). Thanks for these fabulous facts: Stats Canada, Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Tourism Industry Association of Canada. There are so many things to do in Niagara Falls, not only in the summertime, but all year round. However seeing that summer is currently top-of-mind, let's chat about all the wonderful things happening in not only Niagara Falls this summer, but the Niagara Region.

Top Niagara Falls Attractions

Let's start with some of our favourite, must-experience Niagara Falls Attractions, that even as locals we think are pretty great (hence the reason we want to share them with you).

Hornblower Niagara Cruises

Hornblower Niagara Cruises is one of those Niagara Falls Attractions that you must experience. This catamaran holds up to 700 people and has tours both day and night. From the Voyage to the Falls during the day to the Illumination by the Falls and Fireworks cruises at night. Whatever cruise you choose, you are sure to be wowed and well let's be honest here, you are bound to get wet!

Journey Behind the Falls

Now let's switch from a voyage in front of the Falls to a Journey Behind the Falls. This is another Niagara Falls Attraction that will leave you amazed and inspired. With this attraction, you'll be descending 150 feet and get the chance to explore 130 year old tunnels and once again you just might get a little wet (or shall we say "misted"). And by the way, the negative icons from the Falls are supposed to be great for wellness. And speaking of wellness, there have been three Namaste Niagara yoga sessions at Journey Behind the Falls last summer and this just in....there will be more. Click here for details.

Coca Cola Concert Series

Speaking of attractions and fun by the Falls, what is better than being close to Mother Nature, while being serenaded with sweet music during the Coca Cola Concert Series? The fun starts June 1st and runs until September 3rd.

Wildplay’s MistRider Zipline to the Falls

This is one of the newer Niagara Falls Attractions that will allow you to soar through the sky on four parallel ziplines, travelling at 670 metres (2,200 feet) through the wide river gorge. And this might be the best view of both the Canadian Horseshoe and American Falls that you'll experience at full speed. And new this summer is the Whirlpool Adventure Course. With this attraction, you'll get to choose your own adventure (Classic, Extreme, What's to Fear Jump or the Kid's Course). Kids Course Picture fun obstacles suspended up to 5 metres (16 feet high), including a dozen cool games and Bumble ziplines. The minimum age to join in the fun is 5 years old. Classic Course The Classic Course is just that, an obstacle course that includes ladders, nets, ropes, logs, bridges and a few surprises. The minimum age to join in is 7 years old. Extreme Course Take the classic course and add more challenging everything. The minimum age to participate is 12 years old and they must be accompanied by a chaperone. What's to Fear Jump This is a loose line leap from 40 feet. Sounds like it should be part of the Extreme Course. The minimum age to participate in this jump is 7 years old.

Hiking on the Niagara Gorge Trail

A hike on the Niagara Gorge Trail is definitely for those who love nature and the great outdoors. It is certainly an outdoor adventure enjoyed by many locals, and we hope that our visitors from near and far take the time to explore it too (you won't be disappointed). The Niagara Gorge Trail has been a designated Nature Reserve since 1992. This trail is a great work-out for the whole family and a great way to get one with nature. The metal stairs lead you to 4 km (2.5 mi) of paths that wind through a pristine pocket of Carolinian Forest, past boulders left behind as the Falls eroded through the area thousands of years ago. It’s a history lesson in beauty by your tour guide, Mother Nature. There are many different paths to take: red, white, blue. Whatever path you choose, all lead to the thundering and wondrous Niagara River. During your journey, you’ll also discover interesting wildlife (such as salamanders, snakes or if you are lucky you might be able to spot the peregrine falcons nesting in the Niagara Gorge). You also can't miss this fairly new and very exciting experience at the Niagara Glen Nature Centre. This Niagara Glen Nature Exchange program is in partnership with Science North and encourages hikers of all ages to get excited about nature, science and the environment around us. Hikers can share their precious finds at the Nature Centre and earn points for their find(s) or exchange their find for something perhaps more fascinating - how cool is that? Check out all the amazing details here. Now let's explore the outskirts of Niagara Falls. 

Niagara Wine Country

Niagara Wine Country is always evolving. With over 70+ wineries in Niagara to choose from, there is always a new winery to taste and explore. Some of our favourites include: Two Sisters Winery, Ravine Estate Winery, Trius, Jackson Triggs, Stratus winery, Peller Estates, 13th Street Estate Winery (to name a few).

Niagara Beer Country

We can't forget about Niagara Beer Country too, it's hopping with goodness if your palate prefers barley over grapes. The must-try microbreweries include: The Exchange Brewery, Niagara Oast Housebrewers, Silversmith and Taps. If you're looking for an incredible patio, Oast is your place - with an upcycled patio and many of their famous beers on tap (I'm getting thirsty writing this).

Niagara Events

Niagara is also exploding with tons of events throughout the summer. From Niagara Concerts (check out all the great concerts in our concert blog) to markets galore and other fabulous winery/music events. Niagara Markets and More Wednesday Night Supper Market - starting May 23rd with farm to table goodness from incredible Niagara foodtrucks every Wednesday night from 4:30pm - dusk. Trius Red presents Movie Night in the Vineyard - starting June 1st Dirty Dancing - June 1st Grease - June 8th Risky Business - June 15th Pretty Woman - June 22nd Forrest Gump - June 29th The Farmer's Market - every Saturday starting at 8am Wine Country Fare - Peller Estates Winery - August 25th Jackson Triggs Concert Series: Whitehorse - June 15th at 8pm Broken Social Scene - June 16th at 8pm Serena Ryder - June 22nd and 23rd at 8pm Alan Doyle - July 4th and 5th at 8pm The Trews - July 6th at 8pm The Sheepdogs - July 7th at 8pm Matt Andersen - July 19th at 8pm Finger Eleven Acoustic - July 20th at 8pm Terri Clark - August 16th at 8pm Bahamas - August 17th and 18th at 8pm The Jim Cuddy Band - August 23rd at 8pm Trius Red Presents Rock at the Winery - July 14th Trius Red Presents Blues at the Winery - August 11th Plus if you drive down St. Paul Avenue to Four Mile Creek Road, there are tons of pop-up market stands, where you can get your farm to table fix (it doesn't get any fresher than this). During your Niagara adventure, stay at one of the most fun-filled Niagara Falls hotels, that's just footsteps from it all, the Courtyard Marriott. Check out our various packages. 

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