13th Street

13th Street Winery

This is one of our favourite Niagara Wineries. It’s home to the annual Handmade Market, where you can sip delicious 13th Street wine and “booth shop” over 110+ artisan vendors and their amazing handmade creations. Here’s their beautiful story:

13th Street Winery evolved from the desire to create exceptional wines that reflect the unique terroir of Niagara while also providing a place for guests to congregate and escape; to relax and discover; to experience and learn.

Owners, partners and friends Doug and Karen Whitty and John and June Mann share a common love of wine, food and art and a genuine heart for hospitality. It was this shared appreciation that brought them together and provided the vision for 13th Street Winery.

Both families have strong roots in Niagara and a strong commitment to the community. Doug Whitty is the third generation to be operating the family farm in St Catharines which was originally established in 1908. John Mann has been involved in farming for over 30 years while building a very successful automotive dealership network in St Catharines and the surrounding areas.

Together the two families’ shared vision for the winery is on full display at the retail wine boutique on Fourth Avenue. The beautifully restored century-old farmhouse was designed to be both contemporary and inviting where the ambiance and warm hospitality of home can be experienced by all visitors. The spectacular Gallery Room harvest–style table is the ideal location to bring together friends and strangers to explore a common love for wine, food, art and conversation.

Visit their tasting bar and enjoy a guided sampling of their wines or relax on their seasonal verandah with a glass of wine and enjoy the tranquility of their beautiful surroundings. Wander their expansive grounds and discover the sculptures and art work that adorn their property. And of course, no visit to 13th Street is complete without a visit to the 13th Street Bakery. Here you can savour the delicious aromas of fresh baking featuring local farm-fresh fruit, their legendary butter tarts (true story) and so much more!

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